Helping Put Water In Front of Mind

Making & Keeping Our World Sujalaam Sufalaam by Healing & Protecting Jal Jangal & Jameen

Our Challenge

Since 1960, water availability per person worldwide has fallen by 55%. The world's population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050. Meanwhile, continued overconsumption and the impact of climate change are expected to reduce the availability of water resources for the most needy regions of the planet. Therefore, our challenge lies in collectively examining & questioning the assumptions and beliefs that landed us here to ensure that the new solutions do not arise from the same set of mindset that has created the problem.


of the world’s groundwater is drawn by India


of India’s freshwater is used in agriculture


of India’s districts have been declared critical on groundwater


of India's regions have water stress levels that can be categorised as High or Extremely High

Our Approach

An unintended consequence of development has been the negligence of the trio of jal jangal jameen which has spiralled us into the current water crisis.

The trio of jal jangal jameen is the most critical and interdependent element of the natural water cycle. Hence, our approach involves restoring water prosperity by directing the intention, attention and action of the community towards restoring & protecting the jal jangal jameen trio in their local areas of influence & control.

Open Source water consumption tool that collects your responses related to the water usage practices inside your household and informs you about hardware and behavior changes to conserve water

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