Helping Put Water In Front of Mind

About Us

Jalsmruti is a non profit organization that strives to enable and empower cities, companies and communities to become water prosperous through actions that are focused on restoring their local natural water cycle and are well within their respective circle of influence & control. Jalsmruti helps cities, companies and communities be the change that they want to see around them.

At a Glance

Our Challenges

Niti Aayog in its latest report has alerted to the bleak future of water across the nation. Meanwhile, continued overconsumption and the impact of climate change are expected to reduce the availability of water resources for the most needy regions of the planet. Therefore, our challenge lies in collectively examining & questioning the assumptions and beliefs that landed us here and to ensure that the new solutions do not arise from the same set of mindset that has created the problem.

Vision and Mission

Our vision: Making India Sujalaam Sufalaam

Our mission: By healing & nurturing jal jangal jameen through the following means

  • Providing powerful tools, techniques, knowledge and skills that individuals, organizations, community groups can use to make a transformative change to the local natural water cycle within their own circle of influence and control.
  • Partnering with champions and leaders of social, business and environmental programs to help them address the local water cycle more proactively and effectively to mitigate the risk of water scarcity becoming a critical risk factor in the success of their programs.

Our Approach

An unintended consequence of development has been the negligence of the trio of jal jangal jameen which has spiralled us into the current water crisis. The trio of jal jangal jameen is the most critical and interdependent element of the natural water cycle. Hence, our approach involves restoring water prosperity by directing the intention, attention and action of the community towards restoring & protecting the jal jangal jameen trio in their local areas of influence & control.

Our Services

  • Action Research in Community led Water Cycle Restoration
  • Capacity Building & Behaviour Change Communications in Water Conservation
  • Facilitation of Sustainable Water Management Workshops
  • Enable & Incubate Water Innovations
  • Support Early Stage Water Startups
  • Convening Water Positive Learning Circles for Urban & Rural Groups