Why Local Water Action?

Water prosperity has been lost because we have neglected to nurture the jal jangal jameen trio that is critical element of the local natural water cycle. Hence restoring the local natural water cycle can help mitigate climate change and in the process also make our world sujalaam (well hydrated) sufalaam (well vegetated).

Something to Remember:

Being Sujalaam Sufalaam means restoring back jal jangal jameen - the inter related trio whose collective survival is critical to survival of the natural water cycle - to their natural state to ensure water prosperity for now and forever.

Program Overview

  • 4 week long program
  • Creating Local Water Champions
  • Journey from Awareness to Inspired Local Water Action
  • Mentoring from Water Leaders & Experts
  • Award of Water Champions Certificate

Program Highlights

  1. Science of Local Water Cycle: Foundation knowledge to inform local water action
  2. Soft Skills: Problem solving, Critical Thinking & Leadership
  3. Case Studies & Assignments: Real life case studies & assignments to give practical orientation
  4. Award of Water Champions Certificate: On completion, Water Championship Certificate will be awarded

Water Championship Program Objectives

  • Promote Water Literacy
  • Sensitize about the importance of restoring the jal jangal jameen trio of the local water cycle to mitigate climate change
  • Create youth leaders who can lead & mobilise their community in making a difference to the local water
  • Build a community of passionate youth water leaders

Youth Champion Schedule

Youth Champion Schedule

Local Water Action - Project Themes

  • Water Literacy
  • Water Accounting
  • Water Policy
  • Water Restoration

Local Water Action - Place Options

  • Home/Family
  • Neighbourhood
  • City/Village
  • Local River/Lake

Local Water Action - Project Activities

Water Literacy

Raising community awareness about basic science of water, reasons behind water crisis, approach and solutions to reverse the trend of water crisis

Water Accounting

Applying water scorecard tools to quantify the status of water sustainability of a community or a group of families within selected physical boundary

Water Policy

Researching on a local water issue and writing a Policy White paper on the local water issue to engage with local influencers

Local Water Cycle Restoration

Identify, design & execute a small project like rainwater harvesting, making a raingarden, planting a mini forest, making a plan for restoring the local water cycle

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have taken initiatives (small or big) at workplace or community
  • You are passionate about your community or own city/village or environment