JAL SMRUTI REWIND 2021 - Birth of our Vision Statement

On 5th of May 2021, thanks to a small team of five Founding Directors, Jal Smruti recieved its Certificate of Incorporation as Section 8 Non Profit Company.

The team got working on providing inputs to the design of a website for Jal Smruti to announce the reason for its existence through articulation of its Vision & Mission.

The inspiration & insight that led to the birth of Jal Smruti allowed us to articulate Our Vision.

The guiding insight of Jal Smruti to be an NGO that is explicit & vocal about the inter-relationship of jal (water), jangal (vegetation) and jameen (soil) in its messages and programs to promote sustainability of water triggered the memory of the phrase Sujalaam Sufalaam that is used to describe the natural wealth and legacy of India in the very popular Vande Mataram - the National Song of India.

The literal (although not as poetic sounding) translation of Sujalaam Sufalaam is Well Hydrated & Water Vegetated implying India to be a land that is abundant in Water & Vegetation.

Sujalaam Sufalaam is an evocative phrase and Indians have an emotional connect to the phrase. So we chose to use the phrase to articulate our vision. 

And thus the Vision of Jal Smruti was born - Making Our World Sujalaam Sufalaam

We chose to say Making Our World instead of saying Making India to signify the idea that to achieve a pan India impact, water needs to be addressed locally by local change agents in a world that is withn their own circle of control and influence. 

So we felt use of "Our World" encapulates this principle adequately, resulting in a vision that is short, succinct and evocative enough to inspire change agents while also acting as our Compass

More recently we have made a small but significant edit to the Vision Statement to suggest that achieving water sustainability is not a desitination but a journey.

Hence the modified vision statement of Jal Smruti reads - Making & Keeping Our World Sujalaam Sufalaam.

We hope that the vision of Jal Smruti becomes the vision of anyone who cares for water

So, what are the emotions and thoughts that this vision statement evoke in you? Would love to know. So, p lease share in the comments section.