Having articulated the vision of Jalsmruti, we were ready to articulate our mission. 

Mission statement is all about how would we realise our vision of making and keeping our world Sujalaam Sufalaam.

Our mission statement was guided by our aspiration of facilitating transformational water impact at scale and with speed while also being able to run it as a marathon and the following three key principles:

  1. Capacity Building is a sustainable way to facilitate and propagate impact. I have learnt from first hand experience that capacity building is also a high value and high impact investment of time and resources.
  2. The state of sustainability of water is a cumulative outcome of the behaviour of community using the water at the grass roots as well as the decision-makers and custodian agencies making decisions on infrastructure and solutions that impact the natural water cycle. This principle helped us to identify the groups that need to be targeted to facilitate the intended water impact at scale
  3. In order to achieve impact at speed, it would auger well if major proportion of the capacity building efforts are focused on direct & right local water action by the target groups.

Thus, the following became the Mission Statement of Jal Smruti:

To provide powerful & relevant tools, thinking frameworks and inspiring on-ground stories to facilitate inspired local sustainable water cycle management action & behaviour by water using communities, decision-makers, custodians and relevant stakeholders of water.

In keeping with the Mission Statement,

Programs targeting various groups  were designed centred around the diagnostic and rapid assessment tools that I had developed during my prior research leading upto the birth of Jal Smruti.

The following set of water positive programs were developed to facilitate water efficiency and self sufficiency for different groups at grass roots right through to city level decision-makers using the rapid assessment Water Scorecard tool developed for each level.

  • Community Leaders: Youth Champions for Local Water Action - a mentoring program to guide individual pro-active citizens to initiate a local water movement by mobilising the community around them towards a specific local water action.
  • Citizen : Citizen Water Scorecard tool enabled Water Positive Citizen program
  • Community : Water Positive Community Program enabled by using the Water Scorecard for Apartments
  • Campus : Campus Water Scorecard enabled Water Positive Campus program
  • City: Water Positive City program enabled by City Water Socrecard

These programs provided the framework that would allow Jal Smruti to engage with and serve their target groups independent of availability of any extenally provided grant or funding.

For financial sustainability, subscription based model was identified as the best way to run the programs until any sponsorship and funding support came.

Equipped with a clear framework for programs and associated business model, Jal Smruti was ready to engage with those stakeholder connections that each of the Founding Directors were already engaged with to get early sign ups to the programs.

Who were these early sign ups? I will cover them in the next blog posts