With 30 years of work experience in the field of water management, Bhakti has worked across diverse sectors - private, academia, public as well as across diverse functions - design, operation, research, planning, policy making and strategizing. Bhakti is a strong advocate of Decentralised Water. She has built the capacity of many local municipalities and water utilities in developing policies, plans and programs for sustainable water management by harnessing the power of decentralised water. She led the City of Sydney municipality in developing & implementing its groundbreaking Decentralised Water Master Plan.

In 2017, Bhakti relocated to India with the view to advocate & enable community led sustainable water management plans in urban & rural India. She spent 40 months independently & intensively engaging with & researching the urban and rural water users as well as the urban local bodies and rural village panchayat units across India. Her research has led her to develop & implement tools and frameworks to effectively engage & build capacity of water users & the members of local water governance systems in developing & implementing evidence-based water security plans that make them sustainably water self-sufficient.