Muthu has 20+ years of work experience in the field of helping build soft skills and leadership skills in both public sector & private corporations. He is an expert in designing behaviour change communication to effect sustainable management of resources.

He has effectively used his passion and skills to serve as the Principal Consultant for MA&UD Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. As Principal Consultant Muthu was instrumental in establishing State Capacity Building, Institution Building and IEBC Mission Management Unit (SCIMMU). SCIMMU conducts blended Capacity Building workshops for Solid Waste Management service providers and citizen engagement to help Govt of AP achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As independent Consultant he has also designed Capacity Building Strategy under the guidance of Special Commissioner APSDMA for CBDRM in 508 Vulnerable Villages of Coastal AP. Muthu has served as Consultant to over 25 leading public and private sector organizations. He conducts workshops in the areas of Leadership, Communication, Team Building, Achievement Motivation, Stress and Change Management, Psychometrics and Counseling